Disabled Person Organizations (DPO)


FIASA (Fédération Ivoirienne des Associations des Sourds-aveugles)
Ivorian Federation of Associations of the Deaf and Blind

FAOBEACI –(Fédération des Associations pour le Bien-être des personnes Albinos de Côte d’Ivoire (Federation of Associations for the Welfare of People with Albinism in Côte d'Ivoire)

There are over three million people with disabilities among African Ivorian communities. According to a survey, the most common disabilities found within these communities include physical handicaps and hearing impairments.

Differently abled people in African Ivorian communities are highly stigmatized, often facing barriers to basic human rights such as healthcare, access to education, and inclusion within the socioeconomic fabric of society.

Even with several public and private initiatives that aim to improve their lives, differently-abled people still experience unequal economic growth and still face discrimination and marginalization based on their disabilities.

FIASA or Ivorian Federation of Associations of the Deaf and Blind was created to promote the rights of the Deaf-Blind Ivorians.

FIASA and DIDEPAS have been collaborating over the past few years to change legislation and encourage policies that will guarantee the inclusion of the deaf and blind members of the Ivorian community.

We also organize awareness and advocacy events about the inclusion and integration of the Deaf-Blind in the community and promote equal access in every aspect of their lives.

To create awareness of the needs of hundreds of people living with albinism, in Africa and the U.S., DIDEPAS also works alongside FAOBEACI – (Fédération des Associations pour le Bien-être des Personnes Albinos de Côte d'Ivoire (Federation of Associations for the Welfare of Albino People in Côte d'Ivoire). DIDEPAS' efforts are aimed towards providing better integration for people with albinism in the communities and various establishments and ensuring improved dermatological and visual health for them.

The purpose of our partnership with FIASA and FAOBEACI is to help build inclusive communities and ensure inclusion and equal access to education, vocational and employment training, health, information, and culture for all disabled and persons with albinism within the Ivorian African communities.


Le BURNI-CI est une association participative à l’effectivité de l’égalité des chances et à l’autonomisation des personnes en situation de
handicap. Le BURNI-CI travaille dans le domaine de l’éducation inclusive, permettant aux enfants en situation de handicap et ceux en
difficultés d’avoir un accès facile a l’école et d’être dans la même classe et enseigné dans la langue des signes. Le BURNI-CI fait la
promotion de l’auto-emploi des personnes en situation de handicap ceux-ci dans le souci de les enlever dans la mendicité.


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