EPBOMI (Eglise Protestante Baptiste Œuvres et Mission Internationale)
Protestant Baptist Church Works and International Mission

Faith is an important part of most peoples’ lives. People with disabilities often have a greater connection with their spiritual selves and benefit a great deal by being a part of a strong faith community.

Protestant Baptist Church Works and International Mission – EPBOMI started in Africa 33 years ago and has spread its mission all over the world in the past three decades. With over 1,300 churches in the world and over 200,000 members, the church was initially built to help the Ivorian community.

Today, EPBOMI helps all its members regardless of their origins by providing assistance and connecting them with the people and organizations that can offer support.

Protestant Baptist Church Works and International Mission and DIDEPAS work together to host events and organize fundraisers to improve the socio-economic status of its members especially those with various physical and mental disabilities. The members of EPBOMI along with DIDEPAS assist the disabled community by providing access to housing at affordable costs and delivering financial assistance to people that need it.

The mission of EPBOMI is to continue doing social work that will improve the well-being of the African community in the U.S. and Africa with special assistance for the differently-abled.

You Can Help Others by Donating and Through Our Fundraisers

Do your part to make it easier for people to live with disabilities and make a contribution toward a better world today!


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