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Building smart cities of the future for complete inclusion and accessibility for persons with disabilities!

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Lack of ramps in buildings, wheelchair friendly public transport, accessible sidewalks, and more. These are the signs of a city that is inaccessible to itsdifferently-abled inhabitants.

Most cities in the United States lack handicap-accessible facilities. This prevents the country's differently-abled population from benefiting from the unparalleled wealth of opportunities the major U.S. cities have to offer. The issue impacts people with disabilities everywhere in theworld who are unable to go where they need to because the roads and other infrastructure cannot be accessed by wheelchair or scooters.

After the implementation of the America Disabilities Act, most parking structures include disabled parking spots and some sidewalks and buildings were installed with ramps for wheelchairs. But there hasn't been any significant change in the infrastructure of most cities which makes them disabled-friendly.

As a result, people with disabilities continue to face barriers in their everyday lives and suffer from poor quality of life. As the world population continues to increase and the number of persons with disabilities continues to rise, removing the physical barriers and making the cities more accessible has become more important than ever.

At Disability Inclusive Development Programs And Services, we are working towards the cities of the future by making them easier to navigate by a person with physical and mental disabilities. We want to make independent living easier for the differently-abled to make them feel less of a burden and more like a productive member of the society. We work with various government agencies and local bodies to create awareness of equal access to help the differently-abled be more mobile and independent.

Our aim is to make accessible features such as wheelchair lifts on local transport, Braille on signposts, ramps on all public and government buildings, common citywide.?For more information regarding our accessible cities initiate, get in touch with our team of creative and dedicated volunteers today!

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