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Have disabilities that prevent them from being a productive member of society. They are faced with serious physical and mental issues that cause difficulties in walking, climbing stairs, running, seeing, hearing, concentrating, communicating, remembering, or making important decisions.

While most adults with disabilities are able to take part in physical activities, almost half of them are restricted by their disabilities to the extent that they are unable to participate in various physical, social, and other daily activities.

Adults with disabilities are also among the demographic that has one of the highest rates of unmet educational and medical needs. Medical and educational programs often overlook the needs and requirements of disabled people. The lack of access to the basic necessities as well as lack of financial support has made people with disabilities more vulnerable than ever.

At Disability Inclusive Development Programs And Services, disability programs are our primary focus. Our mission is to offer products and services that have been specifically designed to cater to adults with disabilities. It is our hope to help people with disabilities by providing them with the medical, educational and financial assistance they need.

We also place great importance on training programs to empower people with disabilities with the necessary skills they need to become self-sufficient. We prepare them for successful employment by offering training courses such as:

  • Effective communication skills
  • Basic employment skills
  • Employment readiness training
  • Transition to higher learning
  • Technical and vocational skills for increased employability

DIDEPAS also hosts regular fundraisers, disabled sporting events, and disability awareness programs to encourage the local communities to support persons with disabilities and provide sound financial help to those in need. We also help people with disabilities find the necessary medical assistance and health care that can make their lives easier.

We believe every person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of their mental, physical or financial limitations!

You Can Help Others by Donating and Through Our Fundraisers

Do your part to make it easier for people to live with disabilities and make a contribution toward a better world today!


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