Sanitation And Access To Safe And Clean Water

Sanitation and clean water

Six years down the line, the United States is still working on fixing the water problem that the Flint Water Crisis brought to light. Not just in the United States though, but all over the world, we are in dire need of clean, freshwater. And while some advances have been made, the goal to provide everyone with clean, safe water has still not been achieved.

For people with disabilities who require clean, safe water even more, so they can maintain their health and hygiene, this need for freshwater is even more serious. Improving access for disabled people to clean, safe water is crucial. Yet, for those living in states where the water crisis is reaching a new point of crisis, this access might not be in sight yet.

Disability Inclusive Development Programs And Services works with a number of organizations and volunteers to help improve the lives of people with disabilities as much as we can. Using the expertise of our volunteers, we support the people and their families in finding a way so they can have easy access to clean water for basic needs and sanitation. For those who require extra care that their family members may not be able to provide, we provide training programs and services so they can live their life happily and under the watchful eye of their carer.

Working to improve the lives of our youth, children, girls and women with disabilities, Disability Inclusive Development Programs And Services strives to be the leading organization in the U.S. that?s bringing about positive change for our disabled population.

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