Association of Mothers of Children with Disabilities

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A mother?s job is never done. As the primary carer of your child, you often lose sight of anything related to you, only focused on making sure that your child?s is never left wanting.

For a mother of a child with disabilities, this responsibility pushes her even further. The closest connection their child could have, mothers often become overwhelmed with the sheer weight of all they?re accountable for. Yet, they persist, knowing that their child needs them now more than ever.

For such mothers, Disability Inclusive Development Programs and Services offers resources, training and support, so they know they?re not doing it all alone.

We offer practical solutions, training in specific fields to make sure that mothers can make the right decisions for their children, and a shoulder to lean on. We connect mothers of children with disabilities with one another to create a well-connected network of strong women. We provide such women with a platform, so they can help each other and support each other during these times.

While mothers play a primary role in the care giving responsibilities of children with disabilities, their?care is often overlooked. DIDEPAS is taking that bull by the horns. Based on research, information and studies, we?ve provide practical ideas and theories to help mothers cope better with the managing their own life and seeking the right resources so they can create a more disable-friendly environment for their children.

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Do your part to make it easier for people to live with disabilities and make a contribution toward a better world today!


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