Children and Youth with Disability

Securing the future and helping children with disabilities enjoy a full and happy life.

Children and Youth with Disabilties 2

Children with disabilities are often marginalized, excluded from various groups, and treated differently than other children. The reason behind it is a lack of understanding and awareness of the causes and implications of disabilities as well as fear of contamination, fear of the difference, and other social, cultural, and religious views of disability.

The behavior is further augmented by a lack of support, social isolation, and poverty that is often faced by children with disabilities and their families.

According to a report by UNICEF, an estimated 5.1% of the children in the world are living with some form of disability that prevents them from functioning normally. Approximately 13 million children in the world are living with severe disabilities that lead to their exclusion from the health care and education system.

At Disability Inclusive development programs and services, Our aim is to help remove the stigma and discrimination faced by children with disabilities and their families. Our team of hard-working and dedicated volunteers is constantly making efforts to ensure children with disabilities can enjoy the same rights as any other person in the world.

Our training programs and fundraising activities allow us to provide financial and educational support to the children and families dealing with disabilities. We are also dedicated to eradicating the factors that lead to a higher rate of disabilities both in the United States and Africa such as poor healthcare, poverty, and drug abuse.

Together with the help of our generous donors and our compassionate and hard working team of driven individuals, we can give the children with disabilities and their families the social, emotional, and financial tools they need to combat the challenges they face every day!

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Do your part to make it easier for people to live with disabilities and make a contribution toward a better world today!


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