Veterans with Disabilities

Veterans with disabilities

For a veteran, their discipline, teamwork, and courage are somethings that every American is thankful for. This is why, if they have a disability, we must do all we can to make sure that it does not stop them from aspiring to take on the next role in life.

Post 9/11, we have a higher disability rate than our previous generations did, which calls for pre-emptive measures, so we?re not caught unaware when our veterans need help. In compliance with the core policies of the Disabilities Act and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, Disability Inclusive Development Program and Services is providing help for veterans with disabilities through various programs and consulting services to support disabled veterans make the lives of our brave soldiers easier.

From hosting fundraisers to providing physical programs for individuals with disabilities overcome their physical limitations, we do everything in our power to support and assist our veterans so they can lead a more fulfilling life. Furthermore, DIDEPAS also provides educational and training programs that help people with disabilities learn valuable skills, which in turn helps them secure employment.

Instead of letting them think that their disability may have somehow limited them, we turn the tide in our favor by helping veterans unlock their potential and strength.

You Can Help Others by Donating and Through Our Fundraisers

Do your part to make it easier for people to live with disabilities and make a contribution toward a better world today!


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