Homelessness and Disability-Inclusive Development

Striving to provide stable housing and accommodation to those who need it the most!


There are millions of people with various disabilities all over the world and they make for a large percentage of the global population. However, that doesn't stop them from being some of the most discriminated people in the society. They are often marginalized and forced to survive on the fringes of the society, barely getting the basic necessities of food and shelter.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of people with disabilities are forced to live on the streets. The percentage of homelessness among the differently-abled in the U.S. is over 50%.

Over 40% of all the homeless people living on the streets of the United States have mild to moderate disabilities.

This is a humanitarian crisis and needs to be addressed immediately. These people deserve our compassion and care to survive. According to statistics, most people with disabilities are abandoned as their families are unable to get the basic necessities for them and support themselves at the same time.

Research shows that persons with disabilities can be among the most productive people in society if they have access to the right socioeconomic support.

At Disability Inclusive Development Programs And Services, helping disabled people get proper housing and accommodation is the first step towards ensuring their inclusion in society.

Often the cost of living with disabilities is higher than the average person. DIDEPAS has aligned itself with various organizations and awareness programs to encourage the government to take necessary steps to ensure an increase in disability-inclusive development and housing for the disabled homeless people.

Through our empowerment campaigns and fundraising events, we are striving for a better tomorrow for all the disabled people of the world especially the United States and Africa.

Giving them, housing and transport is our core focus and we aim to remove all other barriers for persons with disabilities so that they can enjoy happier, healthier and more productive lives!

For more information regarding our campaign for homelessness among the differently-abled and disability-inclusive development, get in touch with our team today and help remove the stigma and social isolation that persons with disabilities face every day!

At Disability Inclusive Development Programs And Services, we are working towards the cities of the future by making them easier to navigate by a person with physical and mental disabilities. We want to make independent living easier for the differently-abled to make them feel less of a burden and more like a productive member of the society. We work with various government agencies and local bodies to create awareness of equal access to help the differently-abled be more mobile and independent.

Our aim is to make accessible features such as wheelchair lifts on local transport, Braille on signposts, ramps on all public and government buildings, common citywide.?For more information regarding our accessible cities initiate, get in touch with our team of creative and dedicated volunteers today!

You Can Help Others by Donating and Through Our Fundraisers

Do your part to make it easier for people to live with disabilities and make a contribution toward a better world today!


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