Service Animals

Providing and training furry companions for the disabled community!


Many people with disabilities need service animals to help them get through their daily lives. For many differently-abled people, service animals can be the key to independent living. Service dogs enable their disabled owners to navigate workplaces and shopping, ride public transport, go out and socialize, among other benefits. DIDEPAS works with various organizations to provide and train service animals for disabled persons to boost their quality of life!

Fortunately, there are several state and federal laws that offer protection for the use of service animals by the differently-abled in various situations including employment, housing, public accommodation, transport, and air travel. The rights of a disabled person and their responsibilities when it comes to service animals are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

While this all sounds good, the bad news is that there are many barriers that people with disabilities have to face when it comes to obtaining service animals. Because of the strict criteria regarding the type of disabilities a service animal can be obtained for, most differently-abled people are unable to get one for their condition.

Another barrier is the apprehension of the general public and their lack of understanding of the purpose of service animals. Adding to the confusion is the increase of emotional support animals that play a vastly different role compared to service animals.

Disability Inclusive Development Programs And Services works with various entities such as Dogs for the Deaf and Disabled Americans and Paws for a Cause to provide service animals for the local disabled community. We also assist the differently-abled members of the community in obtaining service animals and training them according to their needs.

Our fundraising and awareness campaigns help us provide funding for people with disabilities that can't afford service animals.

For more information regarding our mission to provide service animals to children and adults with disabilities, get in touch with our team of dedicated volunteers today!

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