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Helping differently-abled persons enjoy the joy of travel regardless of physical limitations!


An estimated third of the world's population is affected by disability. This includes persons with disabilities and their caregivers and family members. While this represents a significant potential market for tourism and travel, it is vastly overlooked with inaccessible travel facilities and services along with discriminatory policies and practices.

At Disability Inclusive Development Programs And Services, we believe that accessible tourism is essential for people of all ages, sizes, and physical and mental limitations to enjoy and participate in tourism experiences regardless of their physical condition. Through our disability travel and tourism services, we want to inspire people with disabilities travel and help them find accessible travel information as well as services that cater to their particular needs.

Most differently-abled and older people have mobility issues that are a big obstacle for them while traveling. The purpose of accessible tourism is to ensure popular travel destinations offer products and services that accommodate people with disabilities and special needs.

We work with various governments and private agencies to examine the constraints faced by persons with disabilities and create opportunities for them for accessible transportation and travel. This includes disabled-friendly public transport, fully accessible accommodations, mobility equipment such as wheelchairs and scooters, and professional caregivers while traveling. We try to show the commercial opportunity of including accessible travel services within the travel and hospitality industry to boost tourism and profits.

DIDEPAS is also connected with various specialized travel agencies and provides any medical and financial assistance to people with disabilities who wish to travel.?For more information regarding our Tourism and Disability Accessible Travel Services, get in touch with our team of compassionate and dedicated volunteers today!

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