Disability and Voting Power

Upholding the voting rights of people with disabilities!

Disability and Voting Power 2

With nearly 40 million people in the United States living with various disabilities, differently-abled people represent over 12% of the country's population. The Americans with Disabilities Act gives individuals with disabilities the right to full and equal voting opportunities. This includes voter registration, site selection, and casting of the ballots. Our aim is to ensure voting accessibility for people with disabilities and create programs that give voting power to the disabled community.

Whether a person has physical disabilities or intellectual disabilities, they share the same right to vote as any other eligible person.

However, despite the best efforts of organizations advocating for the rights of the differently-abled, people with disabilities are often deprived of their right to vote. This can be due to various reasons such as lack of assistive tools and technology that allows people with visual or physical impairments to vote, denial of voting rights based on developmental or mental disability, and lack of assistive infrastructure in polling stations.

Disability Inclusive Development Programs And Services employs a combination of supportive strategies for assisting differently-abled people to receive adequatevoting rights. We represent people with disabilities whose right to vote has been infringed and ensure they have access to litigation and other means of obtaining their rights.

Our team of compassionate volunteers ensures people with disabilities have access to voting by assisting them in getting to the polling stations or arranging them to vote from home. To learn more about our efforts to ensure voting rights for the differently-abled, get in touch with us and become a part of changing the world for good!

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