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When it comes to persons with disabilities, there is a genuine and widespread lack of awareness and understanding of their problems and limitation. What most people don't realize is that persons with disabilities can function effectively within the society given the required medical, financial, and moral support.

The limitations faced by persons with disabilities are usually a result of a lack of proper equipment and medical treatments available for them. People with disabilities are clearly among the most excluded and marginalized demographic in the United States and Africa. The under-representation of disabled people has led to widespread poverty, social exclusion, unemployment, low educational attainment, and low self-esteem.

The lack of awareness of the needs of differently-abled people has resulted in limited opportunities for them to participate in various social, economic, and political activities.

While the human rights of people with disabilities are now formally recognized by the United Nations and in the constitution of various countries including the United States, differently-abled people still face multiple obstacles and barriers in the realization of those rights.

At Disability Inclusive Development Programs And Services, we are determined to eradicate the stereotypes and myths surrounding persons with disabilities. We aim to promote dignity, respect, and inclusion that every differently-abled person deserves with the help of various awareness programs, charitable events, and fundraisers.

We work with several activists and advocacy groups at a global scale top bring about sustainable reforms within the society to prevent the violation of the rights of persons with disabilities. Our team of dedicated volunteers and human rights activists works day and night to eliminate the threats and marginalization faced by the differently-abled community each day. Our core focus is to bring more educational and economic opportunities to persons with disabilities to establish them as productive and valued members of society.

Our goal is to create a thriving global community where disabled people don't face discrimination and can enjoy the basic rights of education, health, and social opportunities like any normal person.

To become a part of our global initiative to increase awareness and advocate for the human rights of differently-abled persons, get in touch with us today!

At DIDEPAS, we consider sports as the perfect platform to implement strategies of adaptation, awareness, and inclusion to help people with disabilities transcend social, cultural, and linguistic barriers. Disabled people that have been excluded from society and community can feel like part of the team and become empowered by realizing their potential through our sports programs.

For more information regarding our sports programs and recreational activities, get in touch with our team of dedicated and passionate volunteers today!

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