Girls and Women with Disabilities

Health, education, and support to empower women and girls with disabilities!

women and girls with disabilities

Gender discrimination is an age-old debate. Women throughout history have faced discrimination in the form of limited access to education, unfair social expectations, lower pay grades, and gender bias within the workplace.

Coupled with disabilities, women are often at the shorter end of the stick experiencing unfair treatment and often being overlooked.

Disability Inclusive Development Programs And Services is determined to change the perspective and empower women and girls with disabilities. We are dedicated to eradicating the systemic marginalization and the social, economic, and environmental barrier faced by them.

The strategy of our educational and support program is based on strengthening the rights and position of women and girls with disabilities.

We want them to have the same level of access to basic medical, educational, and financial care as the rest of the population. We also want to increase the attention to and awareness of the problems and issues faced by them that are often underrepresented by the government and local humanitarian bodies.

Our team of dedicated souls works day and night to ensure the special needs of women and girls with disabilities are met.

For more information on the various programs and services we offer for women and girls with disabilities, get in touch with our team today and become a part of a better tomorrow!

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