Universal Design and Accessibility

Helping people overcome impairment with innovative tools and inclusive technology!

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15% of WUI has a disability that significantly reduces their quality of life. What makes matters worse is the lack of accessibility and technology that caters to the needs of disabled people.

Access for the differently-abled is a matter of justice and equality. Environmental limitations that make it difficult for differently-abled people to access buildings and transportation, education, housing, and employment opportunities only contribute toward the discrimination and marginalization faced by differently-abled people everyday.

At DIDEPAS, we believe it is essential to increase awareness and recognize the need for universal designs that can make the lives of differently-abled people easier. We work with companies that are creating breakthrough technology and useful inventions that can change the way they connect with the world.

Our vision is to create a world where people with emotional, physical, and cognitive disabilities don't have to depend on others and can transcend the limitations their disabilities place on them.

We offer access to the latest developments for those struggling with mobility, hearing, speech, and sight. We are also working on increasing the awareness of the need for universal designs such as wheelchair ramps for buildings and public transport, wheelchair-accessible elevators, etc.

The purpose of universal design is to prevent stigmatization of differently-abled persons, ensure equivalent means of use for everyone, and to accommodate individuals with a wide range of needs, abilities, and preferences.

We also provide financial assistance for differently-abled adults, children,and families to help them get the necessary tools and equipment for enhanced quality of life such as motorized wheelchairs, cochlear implants, prosthetics, and more.

For more information regarding universal designs and tools that increase accessibility for the differently-abled, get in touch with our team and become a part of our campaign for increasing the inclusion of differently-abled people in both social and workplace environments!

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Do your part to make it easier for people to live with disabilities and make a contribution toward a better world today!


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