Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response

Helping people with functional needs and accessibility equipment stay safe in case of an emergency!


Disasters and emergencies strike suddenly and without warning forcing people out of their comfort zone. A natural disaster or an emergency can be a challenge for any person but even more so for a person with disabilities.

Millions of people with disabilities in the United States face life-threatening risks when it comes to emergencies such as floods, fires, hurricanes, or acts of terrorism. While there are some resources are in place by the government to help the differently-abled in the face of such emergencies, sadly they aren't enough. The lack of accessible emergency services and disability-inclusive equipment leaves people with disabilities more vulnerable in disastrous situations.

At Disability Inclusive Development Programs And Services, we want to make people more conscious of the vulnerabilities and challenges faced by the differently-abled during emergencies. Our awareness campaigns encourage everyone to create s supportive network to ensure the safety of the most vulnerable in case of an emergency.

We work with various agencies such as the Red Cross and International Disability Alliance to ensure every person is taken care of in an emergency regardless of their physical and mental limitations.

We hold annual canned food drives and other fundraising events to be prepared with the necessary supplies for people with disabilities in case of a disaster or emergency. We also accessible housing and financial assistance to help the differently-abled that have been affected by a disaster.

For more information regarding emergency preparedness and disaster response for the disabled, get in touch with our team and do your part for increasing the inclusion of disabled people within the society!

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