Transport and mobility

Accessible transport for people with disabilities!


Thousands of people with disabilities in the United States lack the basic equipment and facilities that enable them to go where they want.

Most major cities in the world lack handicap-accessible facilities such as accessible side-walks, wheelchair friendly public transport, handicap parking spaces, and ramps for wheelchairs in private, commercial, and government buildings.

People with sensory, cognitive, and mobility impairments often don't have access to equipment such as wheelchairs and scooters, which can also put them at risk.

At Disability Inclusive Development Programs And Services, our mission is to increase the awareness of the transportation and mobility needs of the differently-abled. We want to make persons with disabilities more independent and productive by ensuring accessible transport for all.

We work with various government agencies and disability advocates to make mainstream public transport services such as buses, trains, and taxis accessible to people with physical or mental disabilities. Our goal is to decrease mobility limitations and offer the opportunity to become more independent for the differently-abled.

We host fundraising campaigns and awareness campaigns to increase awareness of the importance of accessible transport and empower people with disabilities to use public transport more often.

For more information regarding our work toward accessible transport and greater mobility for the differently-abled, get in touch with our team of dedicated volunteers today!

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