CLiRA (Children?s Life in Rural Area)


In collaboration with the NGO Children?s Life in Rural Area (C.L.i.RA), Disability Inclusive Development Programs and Services is helping the local population in a number of countries in Africa. Dedicated to spreading awareness about child protection, women?s rights, human rights, healthy, community development, conflict prevention and management, DIDEPAS is using their knowledge to create a better environment in the United States for the youth, children, girls and women with disabilities.

A well-established, self-sufficient NGO with plenty of well-trained, available, and experienced manpower, Children?s Life in Rural Area (C.L.i.RA) has come leaps and bounds ahead in creating a friendlier, acceptable environment for all.

In terms with our vision, Children?s Life in Rural Area (C.L.i.RA) has done its best to encourage sustainable development of the rural world, especially for displaced people and refugees. By providing them with the support they need, Children?s Life in Rural Area (C.L.i.RA) has helped women and children grow into strong, independent people who are flourishing due to their potential and confidence in knowing that, for all their hard work, organizations such as Children?s Life in Rural Area (C.L.i.RA) and DIDEPAS are here to guide them.

In particular, for women and children, youth and girls who have disabilities, both organizations are working to establish a positive, resourceful community culture, through which we can further each other?s ideas and dreams.

Children?s Life in Rural Area (CLiRA) est une Organisation non Gouvernementale ? vocation internationale, cr??e le 19 novembre 2005 ? Abidjan en C?te d?Ivoire. Elle intervient dans huit grands domaines d?activit?s ci-apr?s :

  1. La Protection (Protection G?n?rale, Protection de l?Enfance et des Droits de la Femme),
  2. La Sant? (Paludisme, Tuberculose, VIH, Sant? Mentale, Soins obst?tricaux et n?onataux d?urgence, Soins Palliatifs, Sant? de la Reproduction),
  3. L?Education
  4. L?Eau, l?Hygi?ne et l?Assainissement (WASH)
  5. La Nutrition,
  6. La S?curit? Alimentaire Moyens de Subsistance
  7. La Coh?sion Sociale, Pr?vention et Gestion de Conflits
  8. Le D?veloppement Communautaire.

CLiRA a pour Objectifs Sociaux

1. Prot?ger et assister les populations en situation d?urgence ou de catastrophe, en accordant une attention particuli?re ? la vuln?rabilit? des enfants, des femmes et des filles ainsi que les personnes vivant avec un handicap

2. Contribuer ? l?am?lioration des conditions de vie des enfants et des femmes en situation de vuln?rabilit? ou en passe de l??tre, dans une perspective de d?veloppement en p?riode de paix.

Les principaux B?n?ficiaires

  • Les principaux b?n?ficiaires de nos actions sont constitu?s des enfants (orphelins du fait du VIH/SIDA et d?autres maladies graves, les personnes handicap?es, victimes de Traite, de Pires Formes de Travail et de toutes sortes d?abus) et les femmes et les filles en situation de vuln?rabilit? ou en passe de l??tre,
  • Les enfants et femmes d?plac?s, refugi?s, les filles m?res, les mineurs enceintes.

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